website testing

Our website testing specialists test the functionality and browser compatibility of your website or web application. Our testing will be unique to your requirements and can include PC or Mac operating systems along with any browser or browser version.

We begin with test plans and test cases, or use test cases provided by the client. We can engage with a client successfully with limited or no documentation and create our own.

Once our specialists begin testing, all bugs are tracked in real time into an accessible bug tracking database. A weekly bug summary report will be provided bringing the attention of any high priority issues to the client.

Mobile testing

Our mobile device specialists test applications for Android, iOS, Windows and other operating systems.

We test the functionality and user experience of your mobile app and present you with clear, easily reproducible reports. Our team will work alongside your developers creating a strong relationship to provide the right feedback, when you need it.

Our specialists test on physical devices, not emulators. We test the compatibility of your mobile app across platforms.

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